Проигрыватель грампластинок DENON DP-3000

Год выпуска аппарата 1973. Каталожная стоимость стола и диск-мотора без тонарма составляла 62,000 YEN.


Type Arm less prayer
Drive system Direct drive
Motor Solid rotor shape torque motor
Speed control Servo due to frequency detection
Rpm 33 1/3, 45rpm
Speed change mechanism Electric change
Starting time 1.8 seconds (1/2 revolutions and 33 1/3rpm)
Wow flutter 0.03% or less (wrms)
Motor board Aluminum die-cast make
Signal-noise ratio Above 60dB
Turntable 30cm aluminum die-cast make, 1.1kg
Inertial mass 160kg cm2
Rpm adjustment range ±3%
Application arm To 14 shape arms installation possibility
Power source AC100V and 50Hz/60Hz
External size Width 530× height 180× depth 440mm
Weight 10.5kg

Тонарм DENON DA-305.Год выпуска тонарма 1973.Каталожная стоимость составляла 16,000 YEN.


Type Universal tone arm
Type Static balance type
Arm length 347mm
Effective length 244mm
Offset angle 21 MARU
Overhang 14mm
Tracking error - ±2 & within
Stylus pressure adjustment range 0 - 3g
Conformity cartridge prudence range 4g - 15g
Height adjustment range 35mm - 70mm
Shell prudence Approximately 8.5g
Shell connector EIA standard 4P connector
Installation possible board thick Maximum 30mm
Output cord/code The 5P connector it is attached and is low the capacity cord/code
35 - 70mm



Аппарат в великолепном состоянии.Его стоимость 17500руб.    (ПРОДАН)